From the recording Gratias, Amen (Live)

Gratias, Amen! Thank you and goodbye, dear friend. This arms-open tribute starts with piano and organ, then trumpet and French horn and when the choir comes in, it keeps building until the organ climbs from the depths of its range to the heights prompting the all-out response from all instruments and voices, "Gloria! Gratias! Amen! Dedicated to Barbara King, organist and music director for Shepherdstown's Presbyterian Church and St. Agnes Catholic Church Recorded live at Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church by Joe House, Creative Age Studio, Mastered by Todd Stotler, Echoes Recording Studio SPC Choir conducted by Georgiann Toole Piano, Terry Tucker Organ, Dianne Holliman French Horn, Kari Edge Trumpet, Laura Sterner


Gratias, Amen! sounds like Handel if he wrote singles. A tribute to a musician, It features piano, organ, trumpet, French horn and full choir. It's recorded live in a church sanctuary, so the acoustics are great, the energy is high and alive.