Comin' Home

Terry Tucker & Treehouse

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All songs written by Terry Tucker (from "Comin' Home" to "Far From Home"), are recorded by Treehouse and other Shepherdstown, WV musicians. Hover over 'story' for each song.

Terry Tucker, vocals, piano, keyboards,

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Free Download, eleven poems, song lyrics for Lantern in a Poet's Garden


A Clockwork Orange

"Overture to the Sun" by Terry Tucker and "I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper" by Erika Eigen are both in this film soundtrack.  The tracks are also on the The Sound of Sunforest album but the arrangements are different for each one. 

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A Clockwork Orange soundtrack CD

The Sound of Sunforest

This album has been reissued on CD; mostly bootleg, which means we don't get royalties.  Copies of the original album that collectors can find fetch some $$$.  Here's a link to some still out there.  Erika Eigen of Sunforest did the album cover art.

The Sound of Sunforest CD


Treehouse is the band's second CD, but the first to feature tracks from all members.  There are original songs from Terry Tucker, Butch Sanders and Ardyth Gilbertson, original tunes from Matt Robinson.  Covers include Matt's beautifully arranged "The Maker" and Ardyth's soulful version of "Morning Dew".  The covers that have become part of the Treehouse sound, however are the Latino pop songs from bass player, John Quintinilla.  Everyone is up and dancing for these so they with the band's originals form the backbone of Treehouse. 

Treehouse CD

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