Winter Solstice Concert Glow

The Winter Solstice Concert at Shepherdstown's Black Box Arts Center was aglow with music, magic and the sharing of winter solstice traditions, starting with the drum, flute and pipes of Bob Mitchell and Nick Blanton bringing the performers onstage. Dana Mitchell recited a solstice poem and shared the traditions of holly and ivy and wassail. Lisa Lafferty's Welcome Winter song with harmonies from all the Muses began the song offerings, mostly written by the Muses themselves - Gena Rockwell, Jade Tremba, Betty Jo Rockwell, Jennie Avila, Terry Tucker, Ardyth Gilbertson, Laura First with some good accompaniments from Steve Wright, Sam Jannotta, Don Oehser and Scott Rockwell. Special guest, Genevieve O'Loughlin sang and played her harp. Above Terry, Ardyth and Jade are playing Terry's "Ode to Darkness". You can see some of the solstice moon that Laura First made. 


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