Danske film at Shepherdstown Opera House

A film of the life of Shepherdstown poet Danske Dandridge (1854-1914) will be shown at the Shepherdstown Opera House, Saturday, December 28 at 4 PM. Some of Terry Tucker's songs written to Danske's poems are in the film which features readings from Danske's diary by Ardyth Gilbertson accompanied by photos, images and guitar music by Seth Austen. Ardyth will read "A Winter Snuggery" from Danske's diary before the showing.  

All of Terry's songs written to Danske's poems are on her Lantern in a Poet's Garden CD which will be on sale with half of the proceeds going to the Shepherdstown Community Club to help fund the building of a much needed bridge over a stream in Morgan's Grove Park. Seth Austen's guitar CD, Desert Wind will be included in this fundraiser. This film is Jim Surkamp's gift to the community; so no admission fee.

If you are unable to attend Saturday's film showing at the Shepherdstown Opera House, you may buy Lantern in a Poet's Garden by clicking below; the  poems are free for download on this website's Music Shop page.  Also consider joining the  Shepherdstown Community Club.  They do so much for this community including maintaining and preserving Morgan's Grove Park.

Above is a pic of Ardyth and Terry after a multi-media presentation of Danske's life produced by Jim in 2001 at the NCTC near Shepherdstown.  


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