CD sales for Shepherdstown Community Club

A good, enthusiastic crowd came out for the presentation of "A Winter Snuggery" at the Shepherdstown Opera House Saturday, December 28.  Ardyth Gilbertson read "A Winter Snuggery" from the diary of Danske Dandridge (1854-1914) before the showing of Jim Surkamp's film of Danske's life.  The film combines Danske's poems and diary entries read by Ardyth with background guitar music of Seth Austen and photos and images by Jim, all providing a glimpse into life in and around Shepherdstown particularly from the point of view of Danske's home, Rosebrake.  Nine of Terry Tucker's songs written to Danske's poems round out the film.  

The showing of this film was Jim Surkamp's gift to the community; there was no admission fee.  Copies of Terry's CD Lantern in a Poet's Garden (her songs to Danske's poems) were sold and proceeds donated to the Shepherdstown Community  Club to start funding a new bridge over a stream in Morgan's Grove Park.  

People who came to see this film appreciated both discovering the awesome poet who lived here and the history of Shepherdstown woven throughout.  Plans are afoot to make the showing of this film and a performance of the songs an annual event.    


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