Terry Tucker & Sunforest youtube channel

I am working on my youtube channel, Terry Tucker & Sunforest. Please subscribe to it; after I have enough subscriptions, I can apply to get  the url that we can all remember - Terry Tucker & Sunforest. Right now, it is just a jumble of numbers and letters.

My friend and fellow Sunforest member, Freya Hogue (center of the photo) has passed away. I was planning to put many of her songs on my youtube channel and now that she's gone, I will still do this. I have been sent Freya photos by friends scattered throughout England, Germany, the U.S. and Holland, so there will be a feast of these to accompany her remarkable songs. Freya loved candles; her Seattle memorial was candlelit. You can light a candle and enjoy Freya's great spirit which lives on in her music.  

Meanwhile, please enjoy two previously unreleased Sunforest tracks that are on my youtube channel right now - "You Went Away" and my personal favourite, "Prancing Ponies". I am struggling to get youtube linked to this website, so for now, Here is the link: 




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