Fruit Fly Music - the latest rage!

 I will be playing a couple of my original songs this Saturday night, joining other performers at The Granary in Berkeley Springs for their Singer Songwriter Showcase.  Details are on my Calendar Page for this and all my November performances. I've just updated the Calendar page, so please check it out.

Now, let me tell you about Fruit Fly Music...

In my dream last night, I was being interviewed in England about the music I was playing, which happened to be my old-time Appalachian songs - by the way, I will be playing these songs at BlackCat Music Saturday, November 21st, details on the Calendar Page but, back to the dream - The interviewer said I was playing Fruit Fly Music, which I had never heard of. I said I called it Foot Stomping Music, but he said it was Fruit Fly Music and it was the latest rage in England. I will check this out; maybe its true! If it is, you first heard about it from me and I got it in a dream. If it isn't true, I think it should be, don't you? 

Are you on my mailing list? Please sign up so we can keep in touch. It's so easy - right over thar on this page...see it? I need the support of everyone who likes the music I write and play and my email list is a big part of that support; I treasure everyone's input. Thanks. 

The photo is of me on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, off the Skyline Drive. Bernard, Dave Feaser and I walked the trail from Compton's Gap and took a couple of short but challenging paths off the trail. You can see Bernard and I at the end of the most challenging one on my photos page. Dave took the pics. The whole section we hiked was only 3 1/2 miles, but I felt triumphant having clambered over stones and boulders, up and down all the way.  

My December schedule will be up soon on the Calendar page. Now, time to play some of my Fruit Fly Music! Buzz around! 



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