Terry Tucker & Will Killeen, Freya Hogue, Erika Eigen, David Stoll

This recording was done in one take before a hanging microphone in a flat in London. Appalachian songs and blues have never sounded better; gorgeous vocal harmonies, brilliant slide guitar, autoharp, banjo, bass, harmonica, full of life and rocking!

Molasses includes all three members of Sunforest - Terry Tucker, Freya Hogue and Erika Eigen plus Irish guitarist, Will Killeen and composer David Stoll on bass. Will's guitar is always just right, driving, rhythmic and memorable and when you think you can't get happier, he plays Mississippi Delta-style slide. Freya's guitar backs Will's leads, blues harp and clawhammer banjo. You'll hear her 12 string and strong vocal on the Appalachian "Nottymun Town", her harp on "I'm Movin' On" and "Stagger Lee" and lead vocal on the gospel "Angel Band". Terry's distinctive autoharp style leads the Carter Family tunes, including ones that she sings, notably "Dixie Darling" and "You Are My Flower" and David's bass keeps it all grounded and solid. Will's gritty vocals lead the more bluesy songs, "Stagger Lee", "I'm Movin' On" and he sings a mean "Cripple Creek" and "Shady Grove" The crowning glory of this CD is the vocals, the variety of lead singers and the rich and satisfying harmonies and back-up vocals. Don't miss the sound of Sunforest singing the Carter Family's "Woke Up This Morning". Michael Klein recorded these songs for Molasses with no overdubs, just live in front of a single hanging mic. The sound is vibrant and you will probably play this CD over and over.

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