Overture to the Sun Ringtone! 

A 22-second essence of "Overture to the Sun" has been released as a ringtone on iTunes (for iphones, ipads & ipods) and Tuunes (for androids). Links to both iTunes and Tuunes are on the right, below the link to my YouTube channel. This music of mine from A Clockwork Orange was first recorded for the album, The Sound of Sunforest. The ringtone is from the Sunforest version, featuring moi playing the harpsichord. 

Incidentally, A Clockwork Orange has just been re-released in GB, having been pulled out of…

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Video from Appalachian Summer on You Tube 

I've posted a new video on my You Tube channel, Terry Tucker & Sunforest. It's Ardyth Gilbertson, Ralph Gordon and I performing "Sail Away Ladies" live from the Shepherdstown Black Box Arts Center and one of the tracks on our new CD, Appalachian Summer. I am inviting you not only to visit my you tube channel using the link to the right, but also to Subscribe! Yes, Subscribe! Click the red Subscribe button - there is no charge and the wonderful thing is that it will help me reach the number of subscribers… Read more

Two New CDs! Both Appalachian! 

   I am so excited and proud to have two new CDs to share! One is Appalachian Summer, twelve Appalachian songs, recorded live  from a concert I gave with Ardyth Gilbertson and Ralph Gordon this June at The Black Box in Shepherdstown, WV. Ralph's legendary bass pairs with my autoharp and piano as Ardyth and I sing these songs and we are joined by Sally Schmidt for three Carter Family songs.

  Listen to tracks on the Terry Tunes page. Some of the tracks    have introductions from the live performance, so…

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Terry and Ardyth Concerts 

Starting with a First Friday Concert at The Orchard House December 1st, Terry and Ardyth will perform songs from their CDs and lots of new songs including Terry's own songs, favourite Appalachian folksongs and some carols. The next weekend finds them giving a house concert at Darden Mill in Elkins, WV; Terry will host a Community Caroling in the streets of Shepherdstown the following Sunday.  Details are on the Calendar page for all these events. 

Terry and Ardyth are looking forward to a concert coming…

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Terry Tucker & Sunforest youtube channel 

I am working on my youtube channel, Terry Tucker & Sunforest. Please subscribe to it; after I have enough subscriptions, I can apply to get  the url that we can all remember - Terry Tucker & Sunforest. Right now, it is just a jumble of numbers and letters.

My friend and fellow Sunforest member, Freya Hogue (center of the photo) has passed away. I was planning to put many of her songs on my youtube channel and now that she's gone, I will still do this. I have been sent Freya photos by friends scattered…

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Ancient Ayres & Carols for Christmas 

Well Kids, It's time to lube up the old vocal cords for a month of caroling 'round and about, here, there and everywhere. I love singing carols, especially the ones dating back to medieval times in England. I do have quite a collection of these and Ardyth Gilbertson and I have put some favourites on our Christmas CD, Ancient Ayres & Carols for Christmas, now specially priced and available for your wee gifts or stocking stuffers. Check out the Calendar page on this website for all of the caroling events I…

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Terry this Saturday at The Black Box 

I am performing some of my songs at the Black Box Arts Center in Shepherdstown this coming Saturday, February 6th, 8-9:30 PM with Ardyth Gilbertson and Ralph Gordon. Ardyth and I are also singing a song with Jennie Avila.  My performance is part of a show to benefit the Black Box, our community theatre that needs support to continue operating. For other performers and details of the show, please click on my Schedule Page. 

Winter Solstice Concert Glow 

The Winter Solstice Concert at Shepherdstown's Black Box Arts Center was aglow with music, magic and the sharing of winter solstice traditions, starting with the drum, flute and pipes of Bob Mitchell and Nick Blanton bringing the performers onstage. Dana Mitchell recited a solstice poem and shared the traditions of holly and ivy and wassail. Lisa Lafferty's Welcome Winter song with harmonies from all the Muses began the song offerings, mostly written by the Muses themselves - Gena Rockwell, Jade Tremba…

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We are Singing Here, Singing There, Singing, Singing Everywhere! 

Hi Boysenberries, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat! If you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do; if you haven't got a ha'penny, then God Bless You! 

My Christmas CD with Ardyth Gilbertson, Ancient Ayres & Carols for Christmas is on sale at $10 for the CD, $7 for the download and three free download tracks! The shipping and mailing cost for CDs is reduced to one penny! Click on the Buy button and you can choose whether to buy the CD, download tracks…

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Fruit Fly Music - the latest rage! 

 I will be playing a couple of my original songs this Saturday night, joining other performers at The Granary in Berkeley Springs for their Singer Songwriter Showcase.  Details are on my Calendar Page for this and all my November performances. I've just updated the Calendar page, so please check it out.

Now, let me tell you about Fruit Fly Music...

In my dream last night, I was being interviewed in England about the music I was playing, which happened to be my old-time Appalachian songs - by the way, I…

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