Terry Tucker & Treehouse, "Comin' Home"

The songs on "Comin' Home" start with the title track, which came to Terry after watching Bonnie Raitt perform at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA, and making the decision to move back to West Virginia and reunite with Ardyth Gilbertson to form a band which became Treehouse.   Every track on this CD is an expression of longing for nature and shouting-out-in-the-street love;  frustration & wit, ("Restless Blues"), anger ("Prying Eyes") and lectures to self ("Be Still") add some pepper.  "Far From Home", which ends the CD, weaves the tapestry of a childhood in the mountains of West Virginia.  Treehouse backs all of the songs on Comin' Home, along with other gifted Shepherdstown musicians.