Two New CDs! Both Appalachian!

I am so excited and proud to have two new CDs to share! One is Appalachian Summer, twelve Appalachian songs, recorded live from a concert  I gave with Ardyth Gilbertson and Ralph Gordon this June at The Black Box in Shepherdstown. Ralph's legendary bass pairs with my autoharp or piano as Ardyth and I sing these songs and we are joined by Sally Schmidt for three Carter Family songs.

Check it out on the Terry Tunes page. Some of the tracks have introductions from the live performance, so if you just want to listen to clips of the music, click here  or listen to the whole track on the Terry Tunes page. Now for the Molasses CD which was recorded in London, England by our friend, Michand you'll be whisked away to CD Baby where you can download tracks or the whole CD, buy the CD or just listen to clips. You can listen to all the tracks in their entirety, introductions and ael Klein with a single hanging mic - no overdubs, no mixing, just straight up as it happened. This CD really rocks if I may be so bold. Our Irish friend Will Killeen is an awesome guitarist and he drives the songs with his leads, slide guitar, banjo, harp, vocals. Freya Hogue's rhythm guitar and 12-string and her powerful vocals, my autoharp and vocals, Erika Eigen's vocals (Freya, Erika and I were "Sunforest" and our harmonies are rather delicious. Check out "Woke Up This Mornin'" for an example). Another friend, composer David Stoll plays bass and sings back-up vocals. Will's vocals lead the more gritty folk blues songs and fiddle tune songs.

All the tracks can be heard on Terry Tunes, or click here to go straight to CD Baby, download, buy or hear sample clips.

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